Winning Breakfast Combo

TSC Bacon + Bell Pepper on Toast and Gordon Ramsay’s Tomato Kebabs is an incredible breakfast combo.


Feta/Mozzarella Tomato Kebabs



The bacon + yellow bell pepper on toast meal was so tasty that I made it again the next day, that time accompanied by tomato-mozzarella kebabs. These are a simple yet fancy-feeling and very tasty appetizer, side dish, accompaniment to drinks, etc. You can also make them with feta (like Gordon Ramsay does in Fast Food; he also has the great idea of drizzling balsamic vinegar over them just before serving). (more…)

“Sun”-dried Tomatoes

For a while (in 2013), I was determined to become efficient at making sun-dried (or “sun”-dried) tomatoes using our toaster oven. I’d squeeze as much water out of the Roma tomatoes as possible, season them with basil and salt, set the toaster oven to the lowest possible setting, and leave them in there for 8-10 hours. When it worked, they tasted incredible. (more…)

Bagel Sandwich #2

Today I have for you another bagel sandwich (see previous bagel sandwich post, from way back). This one has bacon, tomato, roasted yellow bell pepper, avocado, and of course cream cheese. It also has toothpicks holding it all together! (I cut it into halves, then remove the toothpicks as I eat. If you’re worried about eating a toothpick doing that, you should at least use them during the cutting, since it makes a huge difference.)

Just a little BLT

I need to go shopping, because I’ve been craving BLTs! I typically make them with turkey bacon, not because I flat-out prefer turkey bacon to regular bacon (I don’t, in terms of taste), but because it’s cheaper, healthier, much less messy to cook, and great for BLTs because it stays flat. And I know it takes precisely five pieces to make a perfect BLT, at least when your bread is regular-sized boring white sandwich bread. Six pieces is even better though…

Photo taken in 2012. Now I *really* want a BLT!!!

Spaghetti Sauce

We’ve been making our own spaghetti sauce for a while, but had never written it down (even though we kept saying we would), which led to us sometimes getting off track and making it not-quite-as-good-as-last-time and unsure where we had gone wrong. This time, I finally wrote it down, including all adjustments (hence the sort of odd measurements), and it was really good! Here’s what I wound up with: (more…)