Tom Kha Gai

We’re having a thai food bonanza over here, and this was tonight’s meal: Vegan tom kha gai (you know, that coconut milk broth soup that always has a million mushrooms floating in it?), using the recipe [here] of Megan over at TheseThingsILove. (Credit also goes to my BFF, for showing me the recipe.) I cannot believe how good the broth tasted and smelled even before we had all the ingredients in. (more…)


Peanut Sauce Pita

This was a use of leftovers to be proud of: We had leftover pitas, spinach, and thinly sliced purple onion from a falafel night, leftover sautéed carrots, broccoli, and radish slices from a tofu-rice-veggies (or maybe it was gyoza-rice-veggies), and the peanut sauce for cold & spicy thai noodles. I put them all together (after pre-warming everything but the spinach and onion) and had a great pita meal. Vegetarian & vegan.

“Deep Dish” #4: Even when it fails…

The last time I posted about deep dish, I shared a trick for knowing whether or not your dough is rising like it’s supposed to. But what about when the dough just doesn’t rise? If this happens, don’t despair! It still makes a tasty¬†regular pizza crust. That’s what we did this night (photo taken August 17, 2013), when we were too tired and hungry and impatient to try a second round of dough-making, and it was delicious.

I think we had dough-rising issues the first time we made deep dish, too, and ended up smushing the failed dough-blobs into a pizza that looked like a double egg yolk, and we somehow happened to have extra sauce and mozzarella to top it. The moral of the story? Things don’t always go according to plan in the kitchen, but it’s harder to completely ruin things than you think.

Deep Dish #3: Is the dough rising?

A not-pleasant part of making deep dish pizza is the part where you’re not sure if the dough is rising or not. You keep asking “Did it get bigger?” “Doesn’t it sort of look like it’s the same size?” “Is it going to be a failure?” and so on. Well, the third time we made deep dish, I came up with this cute solution: When the dough blob is bigger than the original smiley face tracing of it, you know it’s getting bigger!

Below is what the (leftovers) of the final product (spinoccoli) looked like. (more…)