Tofu-Kale-Sweet Potato Scramble

I used this recipe (Popsugar.com, Jenny Sugar) with the following minor edits:

  • Spinach instead of kale (just because it’s cheaper), and a lot more than the recipe says, since it shrivels down so much.
  • One large sweet potato, not small.
  • No onions (BFs request. Sad for me but love is love.)
  • Cook the sweet potatoes a bit longer and hotter, pre-tofu-adding, than the recipe says; I think it’s good for them to be a little crisper because they’ll go back to being soft-ish when you add the tofu, and steam the spinach.
  • I quadrupled the spice amounts (except salt; I kept that the same mostly). Why? Because this makes a BIG pan of food and there is no way that a mere quarter of a little teaspoon of garlic (etc.) is going to suffice, in my opinion. I admit that sweet potatoes taste great just on their own (or with only a little salt and black pepper), but that tofu needs some flavors to suck up, so I made sure I spiced enough.

This tasted delicious and looked lovely on the plate, too, all bright and yellow and “Good Morning!”-looking.


Deep Dish #3: Is the dough rising?

A not-pleasant part of making deep dish pizza is the part where you’re not sure if the dough is rising or not. You keep asking “Did it get bigger?” “Doesn’t it sort of look like it’s the same size?” “Is it going to be a failure?” and so on. Well, the third time we made deep dish, I came up with this cute solution: When the dough blob is bigger than the original smiley face tracing of it, you know it’s getting bigger!

Below is what the (leftovers) of the final product (spinoccoli) looked like. (more…)

Salad: Spinach, Avocado, Walnuts, Blue Cheese…


Now, on to your regularly scheduled food post: This tasty salad was made (Nov. 2014) with what we had on hand that night: Spinach, avocado, walnuts, blue cheese, tomato, mushroom, carrot, paper-thin red onion + balsamic vinaigrette, sea salt & black pepper. Disclaimer: I can’t take *too* much credit for how tasty this was… We already knew, from another recipe that we did not invent, that spinach, blue cheese, and walnuts go together quite awesomely, and we also already knew that avocado makes everything even better!

Bagel Sandwich

I don’t understand how people are supposed to eat bagel sandwiches (or any big sandwich, for that matter) without making a huge mess, but this was delicious! An “everything” bagel + swiss cheese + spinach + tomato + cream cheese + grilled honey ham + red bell pepper + avocado. So big that, unless you’re REALLY hungry, you should cut it in half and have a wonderful lunch or breakfast waiting for you the next day, too! I tagged this as vegetarian since, obviously, that ham is optional! Another great thing to roast the bell pepper first. Roasted pepper = incredible.