Fettucine Alfredo with Sausage, Sun-dried Tomatoes & Almonds

This was amazing: Fettucine alfredo (least healthy thing ever, I know) + sausage + sundried tomatoes + almond slivers (none showing in the photo though), plus extra parmesan for sprinkling on top. The first night, I did this with real sausage, something spicy, and that was delicious, but the vegetarian sausage I used for the leftovers (as shown in the photo) can be very good too if you just take the time to cut it up and thoroughly pre-fry it in a little oil or cooking spray.

I’ll let The Pioneer Woman handle the recipe (for the fettucine alfredo) and only add that we don’t do the “prepare it in the bowl method” that she does; we cook the sauce in the pot like usual. The BF usually prepares this sauce so if he makes alterations, I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know what they are. Oh, but the most important tips I can give are (1) keep the heat low the sauce doesn’t separate into grease vs. solid and (2) if it does that (especially likely to happen upon reheating), a whisk will work miracles in terms of getting it to recombine, so don’t freak out.


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