Tortilla Chips

‘Twas the night before a long camping trip, so we’d been avoiding buying new groceries for home, and there was almost nothing to eat. Then I discovered a couple of corn tortillas that were going stale, chopped them roughly into triangles, and fried them in vegetable oil. We didn’t even have salsa and still, with nothing but salt, these were *so* good!


TSC’s Freezable Hashed Brown Patties

If there is something I make that I’m proud of, it is this: My hashed brown patties. If you have a mandolin, they don’t even require much effort, and what’s great is you can stockpile these. Would you believe that the ones in the photo above were in a freezer for eight months? And they were delicious. I don’t know if anyone else does something like this (the freezing method), because I just kinda made it up, but I promise you it works. It’s also VERY basic: (more…)

Nachos with Chive Flowers

IMG_3926What made these nachos (May 2012) photo-worthy was that, not having any green onions to top them with like I like to, I realized that I could use chives–AND their little purple flowers, which are edible and taste similar to the stems. Tasty! And it’s making me think…

Nachos are one of those things that everyone loves, but also a thing people can be particular about. (The bean to cheese ratio, acceptable types of cheese, the type of chip, which toppings are essential and which you can live without, etc.) As of late, when *I* do nachos, (more…)

Summer Sausage & Peppery Cheese on Peppery Triscuits


I don’t know if I can really say this is something I made, like it’s some fancy recipe, but it’s super tasty! Cracked pepper & olive oil Triscuits topped with “beef summer sausage” (I don’t actually know what that is, but I bought it) and Toscano cheese with black pepper (from Trader Joe’s; it’s one of their best cheeses, in our opinion), toasted and then topped with a bit more black pepper and ground sea salt.

Potato Chips

???????????????????????????????I’m getting the hang of making potato chips! I use a mandolin slicer set to just the right thickness (slightly thicker than you’d think, or at least than *I* thought) to slice the potato directly into the sizzling vegetable oil, and that’s about it! Oh, and lots of sea salt. None of the chips in this batch (Nov. 24, 2014) were too soft and none were too badly burned or browned either, though I’d still like to get better at avoiding that. Using more oil (so they can be fully submerged) and/or holding them under seems to help, but I don’t want to use so much oil every time. Anyone have advice?

Lime Juice & Chili Popcorn

We’ve really been into popcorn lately, using the recipes offered in Leanne’s Brown’s Good and Cheap (free PDF available here). This here is the lime juice and chili recipe. Putting lime juice on popcorn is kind of weird (since it makes it shrivel a bit) but it’s great because then you don’t need as much butter; the lime juice would make the chili powder stick even if you had no butter at all.

Popcorn is dirt cheap, and it’s quite healthy, too, especially if you prepare it by just microwaving in a brown paper bag and don’t go overboard with the butter. But spices? Go to town with those, because all they add is flavor, not calories! (Okay, they’re technically not calorie-free, but almost.)

Sweet Potato Chips

“Why,” I wondered, “have I not yet tried to make potato chips?” So I decided to experiment with the three sweet potatoes (note: not yams) we’d been gifted but hadn’t yet found a use for. I just tossed them, thinly sliced (mandolines are SO useful!), into some very hot vegetable oil in a small pan (to maximize the deepness without wasting a lot of oil), spread them onto a paper towel when they were done, and salted them generously. Too bad I had no sea salt. Admittedly, more chips turned out burnt than tasty, but the results weren’t half-bad for a first try with no instructions!