About The Blog(ger)

Though they are “just hobbies”, travel and cooking (and photography, and cute animals) are enormous parts of my life. Hence the title of this blog. Naturally, the internet has been indispensable in helping me pursue these interests. I do also use physical guidebooks (Lonely Planet has guided me through 20+ countries),  and we own cookbooks, but still. The content that people share on the internet, for free and purely out of their passion for food or travel, has made a huge difference, such that I eventually concluded that it was only fair for me, too, to be brave and share things with the world. I hope that what I post encourages you to cook and/or travel!

Sincerely, The Traveling Squirrel Chef

PS: This blog, though not strictly vegetarian, is highly vegetarian-friendly (and some of the recipes are vegan). If you don’t eat meat, you can use the “vegetarian” and/or “vegan” tags to view only these recipes.