Cumin-turmeric-garlic hashed browns

One day we made too much of the cumin-turmeric-garlic mix for the tofu-kale scramble (recipe of Jenny Sugar over at Popsugar) and it turned out to be a good thing: This should not be much of a surprise, since the original recipe involves (sweet) potatoes, after all, but this stuff is great as seasoning for hashed browns with any sort of potato. The other things in this breakfast are zucchini (fried in a little olive oil and with black pepper), a tomato, and an English muffin with pumpkin spice flavored cream cheese. (more…)


Tofu-Kale-Sweet Potato Scramble

I used this recipe (Popsugar.com, Jenny Sugar) with the following minor edits:

  • Spinach instead of kale (just because it’s cheaper), and a lot more than the recipe says, since it shrivels down so much.
  • One large sweet potato, not small.
  • No onions (BFs request. Sad for me but love is love.)
  • Cook the sweet potatoes a bit longer and hotter, pre-tofu-adding, than the recipe says; I think it’s good for them to be a little crisper because they’ll go back to being soft-ish when you add the tofu, and steam the spinach.
  • I quadrupled the spice amounts (except salt; I kept that the same mostly). Why? Because this makes a BIG pan of food and there is no way that a mere quarter of a little teaspoon of garlic (etc.) is going to suffice, in my opinion. I admit that sweet potatoes taste great just on their own (or with only a little salt and black pepper), but that tofu needs some flavors to suck up, so I made sure I spiced enough.

This tasted delicious and looked lovely on the plate, too, all bright and yellow and “Good Morning!”-looking.

Potato Rajas

This >>potato rajas recipe<< comes from Susan Feniger & Mary Sue Millikin of Border Grill, who shared it on thefoodnetwork.com. If you head over to the recipe, you’ll notice that there is a LOT going on (rajas, the tacos themselves, chipotle crema, border guacamole, and corn relish) but don’t worry; you don’t have to make it all. (As amazing as it all sounds, it would be a lot of work.) This, in my photo, is simply the rajas on a taco (and the taco wasn’t even fried), and it was delicious. That combination of cheeses—manchego, cotija, and panela—is fantastic.

And if you’ve never tried roasting red peppers the way they describe, definitely do! The broiler isn’t as good as putting them over the flame like we used to do at our old place, but the overall method isĀ  great either way. If you think sauteed peppers taste good just wait until you roast them…

TSC’s Freezable Hashed Brown Patties

If there is something I make that I’m proud of, it is this: My hashed brown patties. If you have a mandolin, they don’t even require much effort, and what’s great is you can stockpile these. Would you believe that the ones in the photo above were in a freezer for eight months? And they were delicious. I don’t know if anyone else does something like this (the freezing method), because I just kinda made it up, but I promise you it works. It’s also VERY basic: (more…)

Potato Chips

???????????????????????????????I’m getting the hang of making potato chips! I use a mandolin slicer set to just the right thickness (slightly thicker than you’d think, or at least than *I* thought) to slice the potato directly into the sizzling vegetable oil, and that’s about it! Oh, and lots of sea salt. None of the chips in this batch (Nov. 24, 2014) were too soft and none were too badly burned or browned either, though I’d still like to get better at avoiding that. Using more oil (so they can be fully submerged) and/or holding them under seems to help, but I don’t want to use so much oil every time. Anyone have advice?