Horsetail Falls

A natural follow-up to the Multnomah Falls post is the very-nearby 176-foot Horsetail Falls, an easy drive-up one. But if you want to make a little more of it, apparently you can hike the trail that starts there (Horsetail Falls trailhead) and there is another waterfall above it, called Ponytail Falls, less than a half mile up. This is all in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge, near Portland.

Yosemite 2015: Jay, Deer, Bobcat & more!

I’ve gone to Yosemite three times now (2012, 2014, and 2015), and feel very lucky, because it’s a beautiful place. The only real downside of it is its popularity, making it feel, half the time, more like Disneyland than a national park. But if the people drive you nuts, that’s all the more reason to get out on the hard trails! On this trip we even did the famous Half Dome hike (photos of which will be posted separately). We also got to see a lot of wildlife–although no bears, which was odd. If you like what you see here (a Stellar’s Jay on the fence by the pool, Mirror Lake, a bobcat spotted by Yosemite Lodge, and the view of a valley at dusk), check out the rest of the album. (more…)

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

I couldn’t believe, given the drought in California, that this place had water! (Date of trip: April 2015). The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (near Davis and Sacramento) must be heaven for bird-watchers… We saw so many different kinds of birds that I had to google afterwards. Ones I have photos of and identified: Great Blue Heron, some sharp-tailed sandpipers, lots of American Coots, some American Avocets, a white-faced ibis (in breeding colors) (less sure about this one), and more! So check out the album to see these cuties, and the gorgeous landscape. (more…)

Rimetea & Turda Gorge

This album is the seventh and final installment of photos of my Oct. 2006 Romania trip: Rimetea & the nearby Turda Gorge.

  • Rimetea / Torockó (RO/HU) is a little town at the foot of a stunning mountain. There’s very little about it online in English, unfortunately, though there’s a lot in Romanian and Hungarian.
  • Turda Gorge / Cheile Turzii / Tordai hasadék (EN/RO/HU) [official | wikipedia] is a beautiful nature preserve, fairly easily accessible from Rimeta but the closest town is Turda.


Bicaz Canyon, Corund, Lázár Castle, church in Mugeni, Carpathians

This album, the third of my Oct. 2006 Romania trip, contains photos of the following places. Links to more Wikipedia articles, official websites, etc. can be found further down.

  • Bicaz Canyon (4 photos) (as seen from the road)
  • Corund/Korond village pottery shops (3 photos)
  • Lázár Castle (3 photos)
  • Calvinist, late Gothic church in Mugeni/Bögöz (2 photos) You can read about the church, famous for its medieval frescos and coffered ceiling, here, and there’s an absolutely stunning, high-quality interactive video of its interior here [if it doesn’t take you right to it, click Churches, then Calvinist Church Mugeni]. I *promise* the video is worth checking out—and don’t forget to look up, at that ceiling!
  • The Carpathians, and a little boy’s house there (11 photos)