Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Recipe (from Leanne Brown‘s Good & Cheap)

  • Ingredients: 4 eggs, 4 small or 2 large tomatoes OR 2 c. chopped canned tomatoes, 1/2 tbsp butter, salt & pepper, and (optional) chopped fresh basil or other herbs
  • Directions: Melt butter in small/medium pan, cook tomatoes 5-7 min. until most of juice disappears, beat eggs in a bowl with salt & pepper, lower pan’s heat and add the beaten eggs, cooking them nice and slow and stirring a lot. Turn off heat. Add herbs last.

Notes on my own version:

  • I did a half recipe, which still made quite a bit.
  • I used canned diced tomatoes. I was happy to find that one can (drained) equaled exactly 1 c. tomatoes.
  • My eggs looked more like normal scrambled eggs than hers, probably because I didn’t have the heat low enough and because the pan was bigger than it needed to be for the half-recipe I was making.
  • I *did* include the fresh chopped basil. Yum!
  • Next time I will just skip the toast, or have it be an actual slice of buttered/jellied toast on the side.
  • The tomatoes start to smell really good around the 4 minute mark!

Good news about that cookbook, by the way: After the free PDF and self-published hard copy became wildly popular, it got picked up by Workman Publishing, so there’s now a second edition hard copy with more recipes (currently just $12.71 on amazon), *and* it’s one of those deals where each book bought = a free copy for someone in need.

Disclaimer: I was contacted through this blog and offered a free early copy of this book (due to my previous posts about its recipes), and accepted. The offer did not require me to promise to say or do anything; I post about Good and Cheap purely because I like it! I also appreciate the mentality and philosophy behind the project. What a great M.A. thesis project.

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