I had this joke that I kept going to Warsaw [click here for the rest of the photos, all taken in July 2008] but was destined never to SEE it… I had had two 8-hour layovers there, but, both times, I was too exhausted to leave the airport. Then, at the start of my trip through the Baltics, I spent an entire day there just about, but was weighed down by all of my luggage (a nice young woman from Couchsurfers was going to watch it for me while I traveled to other countries, but she was at work all day).Upon my return, I finally had my day in Warsaw (6am to 10pm)… (more…)


Vilnius (Lithuania)

Lithuania was the last country (aside from going back to Poland to grab my luggage and catch my flight home, and a layover in Hungary) of my two-year European adventuring. This is the first of three albums focused on the capital, Vilnius, which is a very green and pretty city, complete with its own pilgrimage site (which I have photos of here) and its own (wannabe) independent republic (coming up in a future album). Click here or on any of the images to be taken to the entire album of Vilnius pictures.

Kaunas (Lithuania)

“Crazy Kaunas” somewhat lived up to its name, with a pleasant sampling of ugly, tacky, or wacky things. Wikipedia tells me that “Kaunas is the second-largest city in Lithuania and has historically been a leading centre of Lithuanian economic, academic, and cultural life,” but my guidebook mostly stressed that it was kind of odd. I especially enjoyed the world’s only Devil Museum, the verdant island in the middle of a scummy river, all the brides running around, and the taxidermy museum! And of course it was not without its pretty churches, too. (more…)

Krakow & Wieliczka Salt Mine

For two years in a row while I was abroad, I did a “Christmas in Krakow, New Years in Prague” trip for the holidays. This album contains photos of Krakow from the both of those trips, combined (December 2006 & 2007), and also the nearby salt mine in the nearby town of Wieliczka (which I went to as part of the 2006 trip). There are 44 photos in all. (more…)

Indiana: Paoli, Lick Creek Cemetery, Marengo Cave

Today I’m sharing the photos from a brief trip, in summer of 2004, back to the “homeland”: Paoli, Indiana (and nearby), the source of all those Chicago-land Lindley folk. Of course we talked genealogy a lot and geeked out at cemeteries (it’s a Lindley thing). The other draw is the cave(s)…

Nyírbátor & Máriapócs (Hungary)

Nyírbátor & Máriapócs [click here to see the album] are two towns close to each other and to Nyíregyháza (where I lived for a few months), in the northeast of Hungary.

One of Nyírbátor’s claims to fame the Minorite Church with its carved wooden altars, particularly the one depicting the Passion of the Christ. It was indeed impressive, but I was equallly enamored of the scrap-metal dragon statue at the pond nearby (and the other metal statues, the pretty trees and benches, etc. It also has a more austere church, the Calvinist church (pictured above). Máriapócs is famous for its Greek Orthodox Basilica, a famous pilgrimage site because it is home to a weeping Madonna painting. Well, actually, technically they now only have a copy of the painting, but don’t worry; they say the copy weeps too.