Hole in the Wall (Olympic NP)

The Hole in the Wall rock formation can be found on Rialto Beach in Olympic, National Park. Click here for the entire photo album. (more…)


Miami Reunion

Got together with the family (four generations) in Miami to celebrate Easter and my dad’s birthday. Click here (especially if you like birds/lizards) to see the entire album. The above photo is of Matheson Hammock Park beach. (more…)

Jūrmala (Majori & Dubulti)

As Lonely Planet explains it, “Jūrmala (pronounced yoor-muh-lah) is a long string of townships with Prussian-style villas, each unique in shape and decor,” and is “the Baltic’s version of the French Riviera”. In other words, it’s a beach resort area (near Riga). Click here for my photos of it! The two main touristy towns are Majori and Dzintari, but my photos are of Majori & Dubulti (I’ll explain why in a second). (more…)

Where is today’s post?

Beach in Santa Monica. Photo taken in 2009.

It was bound to happen sooner or later… I’ve fallen behind in posting. I wanted to share, today, another album of photos from my Baltics trip, but I’m so swamped with job applications (I’m applying to tenure track linguistics positions all over America; wish me luck!) and other things that I couldn’t get it done in time. Please accept, instead, this photo taken in Santa Monica at sunset, with beautiful natural coloring.

Pärnu, Estonia

I actually hadn’t considered Pärnu [official city website | wikipedia] a must-see, since it was “just a beach resort/tourist town” that I thought I wouldn’t care for. I wound up stopping by though (I spent from about 6pm to midnight there), and I really liked it! I already had a soft spot for small towns, and it had some unique architecture, so I had a pleasant time strolling around. You can view the rest of my photos of Pärnu here. Photos taken in June 2008, during my trip through the Baltics. (more…)

Russian River & Goat Rock

Went on a three-night (BF’s) family vacation at the Russian River. We rented a gorgeous house from and lounged about, took turns making dinner, played in the river and used the hosts’ kayaks, strolled through the Armstrong redwoods, and visited Goat Rock State Beach. Almost every photo in the album is either of wildlife spotted on the kayak trip or of Goat Rock. Enjoy! (more…)