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Back in 2014, I finally got a chance to make kolaches (or kolackys, or kolachy, etc.; depends what Eastern European country and language you’re talking about). I first learned about them from my mom making them when I kid, and it’s been on my “learn to cook this” list ever since I got really into cooking. (more…)


Tom Kha Gai

We’re having a thai food bonanza over here, and this was tonight’s meal: Vegan tom kha gai (you know, that coconut milk broth soup that always has a million mushrooms floating in it?), using the recipe [here] of Megan over at TheseThingsILove. (Credit also goes to my BFF, for showing me the recipe.) I cannot believe how good the broth tasted and smelled even before we had all the ingredients in. (more…)

Cumin-turmeric-garlic hashed browns

One day we made too much of the cumin-turmeric-garlic mix for the tofu-kale scramble (recipe of Jenny Sugar over at Popsugar) and it turned out to be a good thing: This should not be much of a surprise, since the original recipe involves (sweet) potatoes, after all, but this stuff is great as seasoning for hashed browns with any sort of potato. The other things in this breakfast are zucchini (fried in a little olive oil and with black pepper), a tomato, and an English muffin with pumpkin spice flavored cream cheese. (more…)

TSC’s Kale-Cranberry Salad

Today I’ve actually got one of my own recipes for you: A very dark green, healthy salad with glazed nuts and cranberries in there so you don’t feel TOO healthy. I came up with this rather fortuitously one night when I thought I had “nothing to eat” and it was a great discovery. Since then, I’ve purchased dried cranberries for future salads. Recipe is below, and you should adjust as you wish. (more…)

Quinoa(+) & Mango Salad

I posted before about how, when we tried to buy quinoa, we accidentally bought a quinoa-amaranth-millet blend (oops) which came with a recipe we wanted to try as soon as we got a mango. Here’s the recipe (called “Ancient Grain Mango Salad,”off the package of Sonoma Farms brand Organic Quinoa Ancient Blend): (more…)

Minted Melon Feta Salad+

Turns out, Gordon Ramsay’s minted melon feta salad works with tomatoes, too. I had some leftover tomatoes from tomato-basil-mozzarella kebabs and added those–plus some other leftovers I had on hand that I can’t recall–into the leftover salad, and it was good! And stretched out the salad a little, which was nice too.

P.S. Here you can see the shredded mint that’s in the dressing, which wasn’t shown in the original minted melon feta salad post.


Jalapeno + Goat Cheese Curd Eggs

When we accidentally bought 4 oz. of goat cheese curds instead of feta (for salad), we weren’t sure what to do with them. The BF dislikes goat cheese and while I like it just fine I didn’t have that much salad to use it on. Fortunately, the BF suggested that it might, because it was soft and crumbly like panela cheese and cotija, go as well as they do with jalapenos. That was a great idea, and for several breakfasts in a row I got to have these delicious scrambled eggs. Instructions are below! (more…)