Tomato Scrambled Eggs, Round 2

I made Leanne Brown‘s tomato scrambled eggs again (for the recipe and tips, see this post and/or the Good & Cheap cookbook), seeing if I could make mine look more like hers by cooking them more slowly. I did succeed in that—only to prove that, yup, as I already knew, I don’t like my eggs that wet/soft! Which is fine by me, because my way is faster. I’m glad I ventured out of my egg-consistency comfort zone though, because it’s important not to get set in our ways.

I really like this recipe, by the way… This was the second time I made it but in the mean time I’ve made it two or three more times, as well, using canned tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, and even salsa. I had combined scrambled eggs and tomatoes/salsa in the past, but the pre-frying of the tomatoes makes this really stand out.


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