Breakfast Scramble

So many great breakfasts can be made using leftover veggies from dinner and mixing them with leftover rice and/or eggs. This here is steamed broccoli and mushroom, plus peas and thinly sliced onion (sauteed separately first), one egg mixed with curry paste (whatever Pataki’s one I had on hand, either cilantro & ginger or Vindaloo) before it was tossed in with the veggies, to slightly hold it all together, fake bacon bits, and fake (Morning Star) sausage. The eggs and sausage give protein and the veggies give… veggies! Delicious.



Remember that post where I shared with you all my love for my Benriner (brand of mandolin)? Thought I’d share another photo I just came across, from back in June 2012, showing the short work it made of this cucumber and avocado. (In retrospect, I’m really not sure how I imagined to use it on an avocado! But it looks like I did.)

This was for sushi rolls which were tasty but not photogenic.

Gyoza, Veggies & Rice #2


Remember when I said (in Dec. 5th’s post) that gyoza, veggies, rice and dipping sauce were a standard go-to meal for us? Well, it’s even better (for your wallet and for the world) when you can incorporate leftovers. If you eat rice and veggies often, there will always be something on hand! Here we were able to use up leftover jasmine rice and bits of already-fried tofu from a curry meal three days ago (we had made too much tofu) + snap peas, sliced carrots and sliced radishes left over from a big salad. Delicious! And now we know that you can saute radishes.


Gyoza, Veggies & Rice


This is such a go-to meal for us: Gyoza (I prefer pork-and-cabbage or stinky seafood ones, myself, and The BF goes for vegetarian ones), rice (our default is jasmine rice), whatever veggies we have one hand (lightly steamed and sometimes with things like soy or vinegar or garlic on them) + a dipping sauce (typically, soyaki sauce from Trader Joe’s). For cheaper gyoza (and greater variety), try an Asian grocery store like 99 Ranch.



Tempura is that perfect combination of healthy (veggies!) and indulgent (fried! crispy!) and, as it turns out, surprisingly easy to make. You can buy bags of pre-made tempura mix but, given how simple the list of ingredients is, it’s probably something you can just make on your own, too, which we’d like to do next time. This is what our first batch of tempura looked like, in 2011. (Not pictured: Rice, obviously.) What do you think is the best thing to dip it in? We use soy sauce or my beloved Soyaki from Trader Joe’s, but that isn’t quite right.

“Curry Rice” with Veggie Burger

For a few weeks before we moved to a new city, we did this thing where we kept grocery shopping minimal, saying we weren’t allowed to buy anything to buy anything except stuff that would help us use stuff we already had. I highly recommend you try this, whether you are moving or not! Just for a week or two. It resulted in me realizing that I had a *ton* of food to eat, *and* made me more creative in how I used it. This is a “Malibu burger” (veggie burger; a housemate gave us a bunch of them, so yay for free stuff) chopped up and mixed into The BF’s patented “curry rice” (white rice leftovers seasoned with curry powder, cumin, hot pepper flakes, garlic, salt and pepper, and a little soy), with Soyaki sauce (Trader Joe’s) drizzled over it all. Very tasty and super-quick.