Disappointment Lemon

Remember my post about The BF’s prodigious lemon tree? I can’t recall if this lemon (from August 2012) was from that tree or the super-sad, straggly tree on my own property—a potted and severely neglected little thing that stranger-trespasser-thieves kept cutting branches off of whenever it managed to grow a bit despite the odds. Sometimes The BF’s tree would produce some strange lemons alongside the tasty, softball ones. This is an example of a “disappointment lemon”. Where’s the pulp!?


Foil-Baked Asparagus

It’s surprising how good a simple sandwich-based lunch can be when you haven’t had it in a while. This lunch of a sandwich + chips + applesauce (the sandwich is a fried chicken patty with lettuce, tomato and mustard and the chips are BBQ Pop Chips) was a throwback to my childhood—in a good way!—but I made it feel a little more “adult” by including baked asparagus, which is delicious.

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IMG_4010xI suppose lemonade barely even counts as a “recipe” (water, lemon juice, sugar or sugar substitute + ice), but that’s just the point: It’s easy, convenient, cheap–especially if you use lemon juice out of a bottle–and tasty, but (I feel) under-appreciated. It’s probably an especially wise juice choice for college students (since it’s cheap and since lemons take up no fridge space, and lemon juice takes up less space than an actual container of lemonade). Photo taken Dec. 2012.

Pico de Gallo

IMG_5369Admittedly, it’s the first and only recipe I’ve tried, so I can’t speak from experience, BUT I am pretty sure that The Pioneer Woman‘s pico de gallo recipe (very clearly explained and beautifully illustrated, step by step, here) is the very best. According to her, the secret is understanding that it should NOT be mostly tomato; the other stuff is equally important! (more…)

The BF’s Mutant Lemons


Can I just say that I miss The BF’s family’s little lemon tree, which produced enormous lemons like this on a regular basis? In fact, it seemed to produce nothing BUT lemons, as in it was a smallish, scraggly thing that barely had leaves yet somehow had an endless supply of clusters of softball-sized lemons. This one was just shy of five inches long and it’s not like it was even the largest.


Arugula Salad with Asiago, Walnuts, Apples & Yellow Peppers, and Lemon Parm Dressing


This tasty salad is a hybrid of this recipe (arugula salad with lemon parmesan dressing”) and this one (arugula salad with manchego, apples and caramelized walnuts), both from epicurious.com. We did it this way so that it would work with the ingredients we had on hand. It worked well!

Details: (more…)

Jello Shots in a Lemon


After seeing numerous such recipes on the internet, I decided to give these a try. If you’re curious how it works, google something like “lemon jello shot.” We didn’t have lemon jello to go with the lemons, or limes to go with the lime jello, so I did the best I could with what we had. I’ll bet it’s even better when the flavors match! Tip: These contain vodka but of course you could also make regular jello and have a treat suitable for guests of all ages. Second tip: Use a *sharp* knife to cut these, or you’ll mush them. (If you don’t *own* a sharp knife… How do you cook?)

Fried fish filet & rice

Fish makes for such a quick and easy yet fancy-looking lunch or dinner. My most typical fish meals looks like this one: Some sort of white fish (preferably catfish, but, more often, swai or something else), battered (first rub it with fresh-ground lemon-pepper & salt, then shake/roll in flour, cornflour, or a flour + cornflower mix plus whatever other spices you want–or put all the spices directly on the fish, like you did for the salt and pepper), then fried in very hot oil. (You could also bake it in aluminum foil in the oven, probably with lemon juice?) Lay it on white rice (I say white only because I always have it around, often pre-cooked) with peas and bits of carrot. Squeeze on some lemon juice (fresh or bottled; no judging here), sea salt, and more black pepper.

It turns out excellent every time, and I almost always have all the ingredients other than the fish handy, so it’s just a matter of picking up fish when I see it at a good price.  Of course, you can change the details to suit your taste or mood. Once I did this with some sort of “Cajun mix” powder mixed into flour and that was really good too. What do you coat your fish in? And what do you serve it with?