Jalapeno + Goat Cheese Curd Eggs

When we accidentally bought 4 oz. of goat cheese curds instead of feta (for salad), we weren’t sure what to do with them. The BF dislikes goat cheese and while I like it just fine I didn’t have that much salad to use it on. Fortunately, the BF suggested that it might, because it was soft and crumbly like panela cheese and cotija, go as well as they do with jalapenos. That was a great idea, and for several breakfasts in a row I got to have these delicious scrambled eggs. Instructions are below! (more…)


Spaghetti Sauce

We’ve been making our own spaghetti sauce for a while, but had never written it down (even though we kept saying we would), which led to us sometimes getting off track and making it not-quite-as-good-as-last-time and unsure where we had gone wrong. This time, I finally wrote it down, including all adjustments (hence the sort of odd measurements), and it was really good! Here’s what I wound up with: (more…)

Potato Rajas

This >>potato rajas recipe<< comes from Susan Feniger & Mary Sue Millikin of Border Grill, who shared it on If you head over to the recipe, you’ll notice that there is a LOT going on (rajas, the tacos themselves, chipotle crema, border guacamole, and corn relish) but don’t worry; you don’t have to make it all. (As amazing as it all sounds, it would be a lot of work.) This, in my photo, is simply the rajas on a taco (and the taco wasn’t even fried), and it was delicious. That combination of cheeses—manchego, cotija, and panela—is fantastic.

And if you’ve never tried roasting red peppers the way they describe, definitely do! The broiler isn’t as good as putting them over the flame like we used to do at our old place, but the overall method is  great either way. If you think sauteed peppers taste good just wait until you roast them…

Foil-Baked Asparagus

It’s surprising how good a simple sandwich-based lunch can be when you haven’t had it in a while. This lunch of a sandwich + chips + applesauce (the sandwich is a fried chicken patty with lettuce, tomato and mustard and the chips are BBQ Pop Chips) was a throwback to my childhood—in a good way!—but I made it feel a little more “adult” by including baked asparagus, which is delicious.

To make it, (more…)

Pico de Gallo with Guacamole

IMG_0995tscDo you remember my pico de gallo post? Well, the recipe I used also talked about mixing it with guacamole, so here’s what that looks like. My own preference is to have the pico de gallo by itself—because I can’t bear to dilute it!—but that’s silly of me, because combining with avocado is definitely wise! Photo taken Jan. 2014.

Spice Oil


This isn’t a meal in itself, but it’s in a lot of things I’ve made recently, so I wanted to post it before posting those things.

Leanne Brown’s “spice oil” (recipe can be found in her MA project cookbook, Good and Cheap, which you can download for free or purchase) is oil infused with chili flakes, Szechuan (or regular) peppercorns, anise, cumin seeds, salt and garlic. In addition to using it in the Good and Cheap recipes that call for it, I use it all the time in what I call “breakfast scrambles” of leftover rice and leftover vegetables (generally also flavored with curry paste, etc.). It is wonderful, and has become a staple in our kitchen.

Confession: It smells so amazing that sometimes I just stick my nose in the jar and inhale deeply.