Tom Kha Gai

We’re having a thai food bonanza over here, and this was tonight’s meal: Vegan tom kha gai (you know, that coconut milk broth soup that always has a million mushrooms floating in it?), using the recipe [here] of Megan over at TheseThingsILove. (Credit also goes to my BFF, for showing me the recipe.) I cannot believe how good the broth tasted and smelled even before we had all the ingredients in. (more…)


Variations on a Theme

I’ve posted previously about how great chopped up bell peppers and/or squash and/or zucchini are as a breakfast side, with parmesan or just sea salt and black pepper. For this breakfast, I also added some scrambled eggs to the mix. The other food on the plate is crunchy cereal with yogurt, and an English muffin with berry-flavored cream cheese. (more…)

Quinoa(+) & Mango Salad

I posted before about how, when we tried to buy quinoa, we accidentally bought a quinoa-amaranth-millet blend (oops) which came with a recipe we wanted to try as soon as we got a mango. Here’s the recipe (called “Ancient Grain Mango Salad,”off the package of Sonoma Farms brand Organic Quinoa Ancient Blend): (more…)

Jalapeno + Goat Cheese Curd Eggs

When we accidentally bought 4 oz. of goat cheese curds instead of feta (for salad), we weren’t sure what to do with them. The BF dislikes goat cheese and while I like it just fine I didn’t have that much salad to use it on. Fortunately, the BF suggested that it might, because it was soft and crumbly like panela cheese and cotija, go as well as they do with jalapenos. That was a great idea, and for several breakfasts in a row I got to have these delicious scrambled eggs. Instructions are below! (more…)

Peanut Sauce Pita

This was a use of leftovers to be proud of: We had leftover pitas, spinach, and thinly sliced purple onion from a falafel night, leftover sautéed carrots, broccoli, and radish slices from a tofu-rice-veggies (or maybe it was gyoza-rice-veggies), and the peanut sauce for cold & spicy thai noodles. I put them all together (after pre-warming everything but the spinach and onion) and had a great pita meal. Vegetarian & vegan.

Old Grains + Kale Salad

We tried to buy quinoa for the first time, but instead accidentally bought a blend of quinoa plus amaranth and millet called Organic Quinoa Ancient Blend, by Sonoma Farms*. Which was fine because the mix is tasty and there’s a recipe on it (Ancient Grain Mango Salad) that we were excited to try. Since we didn’t have the mango or cilantro that the recipe called for, though, we at first just did some experimenting. (more…)

Breakfast Scramble

So many great breakfasts can be made using leftover veggies from dinner and mixing them with leftover rice and/or eggs. This here is steamed broccoli and mushroom, plus peas and thinly sliced onion (sauteed separately first), one egg mixed with curry paste (whatever Pataki’s one I had on hand, either cilantro & ginger or Vindaloo) before it was tossed in with the veggies, to slightly hold it all together, fake bacon bits, and fake (Morning Star) sausage. The eggs and sausage give protein and the veggies give… veggies! Delicious.