In 2014, I finally made kolaches (or kolackys, kolachy, etc.; depends what Eastern European country and language you’re talking about). I first learned about them from my mom making them when I kid, and it’s been on my “learn to cook this” list ever since I got really into cooking. (more…)


Honey Goat-cheese Gouda? Yes please!

Came across some honey goat-cheese gouda one day and bought it because I was intrigued, but wasn’t sure what to do with it. Putting it on ritz crackers with strawberry slices was perfect, and sort of like a cheese-and-cracker version of strawberry shortcake.

Apple Slices & Thai Peanut Sauce

So here’s *another thing to do with leftover Thai peanut sauce: Dip apple slices into, for a snack similar to TSC’s Apple Slices with PB & Sunflower seeds. (Again, the peanut sauce recipe we use is this one, courtesy of the talented Leela Punyaratabandhu of She Simmers. This batch of sauce was thinner than usual (a good thing! we often make it too thick) and extra spicy.

*In another post, I suggest dipping matchstick-sized carrot slices into it.

Feta/Mozzarella Tomato Kebabs



The bacon + yellow bell pepper on toast meal was so tasty that I made it again the next day, that time accompanied by tomato-mozzarella kebabs. These are a simple yet fancy-feeling and very tasty appetizer, side dish, accompaniment to drinks, etc. You can also make them with feta (like Gordon Ramsay does in Fast Food; he also has the great idea of drizzling balsamic vinegar over them just before serving). (more…)

Tortilla Chips

‘Twas the night before a long camping trip, so we’d been avoiding buying new groceries for home, and there was almost nothing to eat. Then I discovered a couple of corn tortillas that were going stale, chopped them roughly into triangles, and fried them in vegetable oil. We didn’t even have salsa and still, with nothing but salt, these were *so* good!

Salad Wrap

If you’re ever not sure what to do for dinner, and especially if you have leftovers of some sort, try the patented Putting-Stuff-in-Tortillas method! I find it’s nearly impossible to fail horribly this way, and sometimes you stumble onto food combos that taste like they were always meant to be in wrap form! This one made with leftover salad (complete with a fresh drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette dressing, sprinkle of pine nuts, and dash of salt and black pepper) didn’t fall into the “incredible discovery” category, but it did make for a light, tasty, mid-morning snack!