I had this joke that I kept going to Warsaw [click here for the rest of the photos, all taken in July 2008] but was destined never to SEE it… I had had two 8-hour layovers there, but, both times, I was too exhausted to leave the airport. Then, at the start of my trip through the Baltics, I spent an entire day there just about, but was weighed down by all of my luggage (a nice young woman from Couchsurfers was going to watch it for me while I traveled to other countries, but she was at work all day).Upon my return, I finally had my day in Warsaw (6am to 10pm)… (more…)

Indiana: Paoli, Lick Creek Cemetery, Marengo Cave

Today I’m sharing the photos from a brief trip, in summer of 2004, back to the “homeland”: Paoli, Indiana (and nearby), the source of all those Chicago-land Lindley folk. Of course we talked genealogy a lot and geeked out at cemeteries (it’s a Lindley thing). The other draw is the cave(s)…

Westwood Cemetery

Hidden between huge buildings on a busy street just a mile south of UCLA is a luscious green cemetery called The Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery. An official Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, it is the final resting place of some famous people (Don Knotts, Rodney Dangerfield, Marilyn Monroe…) and some interesting-sounding civil war veterans. Who knew? (more…)

Łódź, Poland

Blast-from-my-past post: This set of photos is of Łódź, Poland. I visited it as part of a multi-city, multi-country 2007-08 xmas/New years trip. (PS: The town name is pronounced “woodge,” where the “oo” is like the sound in “book”. Or it’s like if you started to say “would” but replaced the “d” with an English “j” sound. Click here to have Wikipedia pronounce it.) Poland was lovely.

Boston: This & That #1

This is another of the five photo albums that my Sep. 2012 trip to Boston, for a wedding, resulted in. This one includes photos of two famous burying grounds, Granary Burying Ground [yelp | wikipedia] and King’s Chapel Burying Ground [yelp | wikipedia], the historic Kendall Hotel‘s [yelp] elegant upper-level surprise (a beautiful solarium, open to all of the guests), and lots of photos from just wandering around on foot.

The other Boston album I’ve posted: Whale-Watching

Crystal Cathedral

The luxurious Crystal Cathedral in Gardena, California. [[Click here to see the rest of the photos.]]. Note: Technically, it’s the “Christ Cathedral” now, because Robert Schuller filed for bankruptcy and sold it to the Catholic church for $57.5 million, but it was the Crystal Cathedral when these photos were taken (in September 2011).