Squirrel Lookout

There’s this scenic overlook between LA and San Diego, accessible when you’re going south, and it is FULL OF GROUND SQUIRRELS. We just (May 9th) saw a ton of squirrels there. And I have to note that we were good citizens and did NOT feed them (this time; I’m ashamed to admit that that wasn’t the case the first time we saw them). They’re so tame from all the feeding that you can get great photos of them without contributing to the problem. Click here for all the rest of the photos. (more…)


TSC is on Twitter

Hi everyone, quick announcement: I have joined the world of Twitter (and foolishly forgot to mention this in a post, although I added it to the “Follow” page.) I share the latest blog posts there, naturally, but also individual photos, including some that I haven’t shared anywhere else on the internet. If you’d like to check me out, I’m @TravlSqrlChef.


Okay, now back to the regularly scheduled (Tuesdays & Fridays, 6PM PST) posts.

Yosemite 2015: Jay, Deer, Bobcat & more!

I’ve gone to Yosemite three times now (2012, 2014, and 2015), and feel very lucky, because it’s a beautiful place. The only real downside of it is its popularity, making it feel, half the time, more like Disneyland than a national park. But if the people drive you nuts, that’s all the more reason to get out on the hard trails! On this trip we even did the famous Half Dome hike (photos of which will be posted separately). We also got to see a lot of wildlife–although no bears, which was odd. If you like what you see here (a Stellar’s Jay on the fence by the pool, Mirror Lake, a bobcat spotted by Yosemite Lodge, and the view of a valley at dusk), check out the rest of the album. (more…)

Yosemite 2014: Vernal Falls, Cuties & Cairns

We went to Yosemite for the second time in August of 2014. The new thing for us this time was hiking up to Vernal Falls, which is actually quite difficult (but that’s all just the START of the hike all the way up to Half Dome). Vernal Falls was flowing pretty weakly, so there was no mist on the “Mist Trail”, but it made for a gorgeous rainbow. If you like what you see above and below, check out the rest of the photos on SmugMug. (more…)

Cute Creature Interlude

A squirrel sticking his head into a hole for water. Photo taken Feb. 5th, 2015. By the Sacramento River.

I’d like to add a new feature to this blog, the “cute creature interlude”. (Heads up: I extend the attribute of cuteness to more creatures than most people would). The reason is that I have quite a few great animal photos that aren’t associated with any travel album; they’re just from my own neighborhood, etc. We have over a half dozen bird species that visit us daily, for example. Besides, this way all three words in the blog’s name will be reflected in the photos.

I’ve actually already gotten away with this twice in the past: There were these “winter squirrels” on March 4th, and this adorable skink on January 3rd. So, from now on, when I have a good critter photo to share, I’ll slip it in amongst the food and travel photos.