“Sun”-dried Tomatoes

For a while (in 2013), I was determined to become efficient at making sun-dried (or “sun”-dried) tomatoes using our toaster oven. I’d squeeze as much water out of the Roma tomatoes as possible, season them with basil and salt, set the toaster oven to the lowest possible setting, and leave them in there for 8-10 hours. When it worked, they tasted incredible.

Unfortunately, more often than not, they’d end up getting spots of mold from moisture that wasn’t gone yet. This was partly because the toaster oven could only go in 90 minute increments (and I wouldn’t always remember to go and re-set it, prolonging the process). I’d have better luck in an oven, but I hate to leave it on for that long. What I’d really need is a dehydrator. Fortunately, I no longer have to bother: I discovered that Trader Joe’s and some other grocery stores actually do have affordable sun-dried tomatoes (about $2.50 for a small bag, whereas the jarred ones are $3.99 or much more for a very small jar). Given how much effort (and how many tomatoes!) it takes to make even a small batch, buying them already made is the best choice for the time being.


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