TSC Bacon + Bell Pepper on Toast

Oh. My. Gosh. On May 23, 2015 I invented something simple but delicious: Bacon bits (from 3 slices of bacon, but I trimmed the majority of the lard off first so it’s healthier than it sounds) cooked with a yellow bell pepper (half a pepper, in chunks), some ground sea salt + ground pepper, on (boring, white) toast, with the extra on the side. Incredible. If you love the taste of roasted pepper, imagine that infused with bacon.There was just enough fat to cook everything nicely, with no big pools of grease in the pan and barely any on the bread when I laid the food on it. I remember that after making this, for an hour or so I could still smell traces of it on my hands and was sniffing them like a weirdo.

Everything worked out so well that the only thing I changed the next time I made this was I saved the least fatty bits of bacon for last, after the fattier bits and pepper had been cooking for ~2 min., since otherwise you risk burning them.


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