TSC’s Kale-Cranberry Salad

Today I’ve actually got one of my own recipes for you: A very dark green, healthy salad with glazed nuts and cranberries in there so you don’t feel TOO healthy. I came up with this rather fortuitously one night when I thought I had “nothing to eat” and it was a great discovery. Since then, I’ve purchased dried cranberries for future salads. Recipe is below, and you should adjust as you wish. (more…)


Minted Melon Feta Salad+

Turns out, Gordon Ramsay’s minted melon feta salad works with tomatoes, too. I had some leftover tomatoes from tomato-basil-mozzarella kebabs and added those–plus some other leftovers I had on hand that I can’t recall–into the leftover salad, and it was good! And stretched out the salad a little, which was nice too.

P.S. Here you can see the shredded mint that’s in the dressing, which wasn’t shown in the original minted melon feta salad post.


Old Grains + Kale Salad

We tried to buy quinoa for the first time, but instead accidentally bought a blend of quinoa plus amaranth and millet called Organic Quinoa Ancient Blend, by Sonoma Farms*. Which was fine because the mix is tasty and there’s a recipe on it (Ancient Grain Mango Salad) that we were excited to try. Since we didn’t have the mango or cilantro that the recipe called for, though, we at first just did some experimenting. (more…)

Salad Wrap

If you’re ever not sure what to do for dinner, and especially if you have leftovers of some sort, try the patented Putting-Stuff-in-Tortillas method! I find it’s nearly impossible to fail horribly this way, and sometimes you stumble onto food combos that taste like they were always meant to be in wrap form! This one made with leftover salad (complete with a fresh drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette dressing, sprinkle of pine nuts, and dash of salt and black pepper) didn’t fall into the “incredible discovery” category, but it did make for a light, tasty, mid-morning snack!

TSC’s Strawberry-Raisin-Arugula Salad

As much as I love the combo of mushrooms, onions, carrots, radishes, etc., one too many such salads  becomes boring. So, when some arugula came into our hands at the same time as we had strawberries, I was eager to try to emulate a tasty arugula + mixed berry salad I had at a UCLA event once. Aiming for a sweet-ish, nuts-and-berry theme, I avoided most of my usual salad stuff and instead added a yellow bell pepper and raisins, and some chopped pecans (we were out of walnuts, but, also, pecans just seemed fitting). For the dressing, we used the same dressing as for the mixed tomato salad (from Gordon Ramsey’s Fast Foods) that I did a post on earlier.

The verdict? It was great! I would love to try it again with FRESH strawberries (the ones we used were frozen), maybe raspberries or blackberries in addition to or in place of the raisins (the raisins were great, but the salad I was trying to copy had raspberries), and a different dressing (the one we used worked well, but I think the original recipe had a strawberry viniagrette). Oh and I bet candied pecans would be great in this!

Here is the approximate list of ingredients, then, for TSC’s Strawberry-Raisin-Arugula Salad: Arugula, sliced strawberries (and raspberries?), yellow bell pepper, (candied) pecans or walnuts, raisins, and any dressing that works with nuts & berries.

Tomato & Basil Salad


This simple but delicious salad makes an excellent appetizer. It’s easy to make on the spot with just two or three tomatoes, and the dressing is so good that, for a long time, it was our go-to salad dressing for all sorts of salads. The recipe (which is actually called “Mixed Tomato Salad”) is from Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Foods—which you should buy right now–and calls for: (more…)