Safari Edventure

I was in Miami visiting family again, and convinced everyone to head to Safari Edventure animal rehabilitation center—“for the kids,” of course. This is a great place that lets you touch a sloth, feed a kangaroo popcorn, play with wolves, and more. And they currently have a baby sloth! Click here to see the full photo album. (more…)


CCI: Southern Crested Screamer

This pair of Southern Crested Screamers (mates, I assume) was drinking water together at the Sacramento zoo, and showing off their cute bird butts every time they dipped down. Southern Crested Screamers look like this (kind of a goose-vulture), sound like this, and have bony spurs on their wings, for fighting! Photo taken November 13, 2015.

Miami(ish): “Safari Edventure” in Homestead

I am so so so glad my cousin & his girlfriend told me about Safari Edventure, where you get to pet all different kinds of rescued animals–AND that they were willing to drive me there through terrible Miami traffic. It was like a giant squeal-fest for me. I TOUCHED A SLOTH! At that moment, my life became complete. Check out the album here. Trip was in March 2014. (more…)