Feta/Mozzarella Tomato Kebabs



The bacon + yellow bell pepper on toast meal was so tasty that I made it again the next day, that time accompanied by tomato-mozzarella kebabs. These are a simple yet fancy-feeling and very tasty appetizer, side dish, accompaniment to drinks, etc. You can also make them with feta (like Gordon Ramsay does in Fast Food; he also has the great idea of drizzling balsamic vinegar over them just before serving).

The three key ingredients, then, are cherry tomatoes, feta/mozzarella, and basil leaves. There’s not much a recipe required here, and you can adjust the size/amounts of things to suit your taste. Personally, I think it’s super-sad how much people tend to skimp on the amount of basil (and cheese, but at least skimping on the cheese makes sense; cheese is not cheap), so I use an entire leaf (assuming the leaf is medium-sized, not tiny or huge), folded over as needed. You can use regular cherry tomatoes or heirloom cherry tomatoes, as shown here, but the absolute best would be if they were homegrown. Don’t forget to add (balsamic vinegar) and salt & pepper!

Tip: If you need these for a party or something, you can make these a day ahead of time, but be aware that the tomatoes will be less tasty (they get mushy and mealy) due to being in the fridge. If you really want to impress people, they’ve got to be fresh.


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