TSC’s Curry Eggs

Today I am proud to present an invention of my own: Curry eggs. (It was new idea to me, anyway. Does anyone else do this?) I added between ¼ and ½ a teaspoon of vindaloo curry paste (Patak’s brand, cumin & chile) to two eggs, mixed thoroughly, and scrambled as usual. This was VERY tasty! That stuff’s concentrated paste meant for sauces, so the amount I’m saying to put in will make for a LOT of flavor. It doesn’t even taste much like eggs, but, instead, almost meaty. The other Patak’s curry pastes (like madras) work well for this too.


Green Curry Fried Rice

We love making Thai curries (our go-to brand of curry paste is Maesri, which The BF orders on amazon, and we use all different brands of coconut milk). To make it slightly different this time* around, though, we made the rice fried in the curry sauce rather than just the bed for it. In the end, it wasn’t all that different-tasting from our usual way of making it, but it sure was good! Especially since we had fluffy bits of battered/fried tofu (instead of regular firm/semi-firm tofu that we fried ourselves). *Meal cooked Feb. 2015.

Pico de Gallo

IMG_5369Admittedly, it’s the first and only recipe I’ve tried, so I can’t speak from experience, BUT I am pretty sure that The Pioneer Woman‘s pico de gallo recipe (very clearly explained and beautifully illustrated, step by step, here) is the very best. According to her, the secret is understanding that it should NOT be mostly tomato; the other stuff is equally important! (more…)

Fried Rice: “The Beginning”

IMG_1314I definitely need to post this because it’s the fried rice that started it all (for me). All my current versions descended from this. (Actually, this was the technically the second time I made it, not the first, and there’s already some improvisation). It’s this recipe, but with double or triple the chili paste, double of triple the tomato sauce, extra soy, and–the major addition–tofu! (more…)

Chipotle Salsa (etc.)

???????????????????????????????Home-made chipotle salsa and chips for dipping–plus Spanish rice (store-bought mix), and quesadillas (I’m saving the details of how I make my quesadillas for another post…) The chipotle salsa recipe is from from wikihow. Ours was a little different, though, in a bad way and a good way: The bad way is that we forgot to buy cilantro. Tragedy! The good way is that, instead of just using “1-2 teaspoons adobo marinade from canned chipotle chilis” we used more than half of the entire (tiny, like 6-7 oz?) can, and by that I mean INCLUDING the peppers themselves, pulverized in a food processor. All in all, it was pretty tasty for a “lazy” dinner!

Spice Oil


This isn’t a meal in itself, but it’s in a lot of things I’ve made recently, so I wanted to post it before posting those things.

Leanne Brown’s “spice oil” (recipe can be found in her MA project cookbook, Good and Cheap, which you can download for free or purchase) is oil infused with chili flakes, Szechuan (or regular) peppercorns, anise, cumin seeds, salt and garlic. In addition to using it in the Good and Cheap recipes that call for it, I use it all the time in what I call “breakfast scrambles” of leftover rice and leftover vegetables (generally also flavored with curry paste, etc.). It is wonderful, and has become a staple in our kitchen.

Confession: It smells so amazing that sometimes I just stick my nose in the jar and inhale deeply.