Oneonta Gorge

If you’re down for more than the drive-up waterfalls Multnomah & Horsetail, another thing right in the area is Oneonta Gorge. [Full photo album is here.] Hike through this green little heaven (bring watershoes, and the water is COLD, so be prepared) a mere 0.3 miles and there’s a little waterfall at the end. But even if you don’t want to get wet at all, you should be able to hike in at least a little bit it, and it’s worth it, trust me. (more…)


Clear Lake, Oregon

Clear Lake is a clear (hence the name), deep (100 feet), and cold lake in Oregon fed mainly by water that filters into it via underground caverns. It was formed by volcanic activity 3,000 years ago and the trees that were killed during this process are still visible, petrified, at the bottom of the lake. Click here for more photos. (more…)

Three Sisters Falls

The hike [see alltrails.com | ihikesandiego.com | yelp.com] to the triple-waterfall known as Three Sisters Falls (near San Diego) isn’t super-long (4 miles round trip), but it is hot and hard! That being said, I think even inexperienced hikers could do it… They just have to bring lots of water, wear proper shoes, and be tough! We were dying going uphill on the way out because we were out of shape, and thanks to the never-ending drought there was not a ton of water flow, but we’re always glad to get some exercise, toughen up, and see new places!

To see 9 more photos of the hike, check out the small album on SmugMug. Photos taken mid-April, 2013.

Indiana: Paoli, Lick Creek Cemetery, Marengo Cave

Today I’m sharing the photos from a brief trip, in summer of 2004, back to the “homeland”: Paoli, Indiana (and nearby), the source of all those Chicago-land Lindley folk. Of course we talked genealogy a lot and geeked out at cemeteries (it’s a Lindley thing). The other draw is the cave(s)…

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

I couldn’t believe, given the drought in California, that this place had water! (Date of trip: April 2015). The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (near Davis and Sacramento) must be heaven for bird-watchers… We saw so many different kinds of birds that I had to google afterwards. Ones I have photos of and identified: Great Blue Heron, some sharp-tailed sandpipers, lots of American Coots, some American Avocets, a white-faced ibis (in breeding colors) (less sure about this one), and more! So check out the album to see these cuties, and the gorgeous landscape. (more…)

Adršpach-Teplice Rocks #2 (the in-between)

Remember the album I shared earlier of the Teplice part of the Adršpach-Teplice National Park in the Czech Republic? Well, the place was stunning, so that was only one of three albums. Today’s contains photos from when I crossed from the Teplice part to the Adršpach part (includes a boat ride). So don’t be satisfied with just the highlights below; >check out< the entire album! (more…)