U-Penn Campus

This album, in which the BF and I explore the many squirrels and Benjamin Franklin statues of U-Penn’s campus, plus a little of the town outside the campus as well, is the final of the four albums from my winter Philadelphia trip. (more…)


Boston: Harvard

It’s Harvard Yard! Today’s album, going back to my 2012 trip to Boston, contains photos of Harvard‘s campus.

My other Boston (2012) posts so far: Whale-WatchingThis & That #1 (includes Granary Burying Ground, King’s Chapel Burying Ground, and Kendall Hotel Solarium)

UCLA Campus, Botanical Garden

Today’s photos [check them out here!] are of UCLA‘s campus and Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden [official site, wikipedia, yelp, tripadvisor]. The crazy thing about the botanical garden (“one of the most important living botanical collections in the United States”) is that most students seem never to have visited it. Who wouldn’t want to go peek at some turtles between classes?

The album contains photos taken on five different days: The campus photos were taken in Sep. & Oct. 2008 and the three visits to the botanical garden were in Oct. & Nov. 2008, and Apr. 2009).