state park

Patrick’s Point SP

These pictures of Patrick’s Point State Park are the last from my May 2016 redwoods trip. [The others were of Humboldt SP and of Prairie Creek Redwoods SP and Redwoods NP.] As with the Humboldt photos, it was nearly impossible to pick five to feature here (I even cheated and used six, and it was still hard!), so please be sure to check out the entire set of photos. The places we went in Patrick’s Point State Park were Palmer’s Point, Mussel Rocks, the Rim Trail Overlook, Patrick’s Point itself, Wedding Rock, and the Sumêg village. (more…)


Humboldt Redwoods SP

Founder’s Grove Nature Loop Trail (0.53 mile)

Building on yesterday’s post featuring Prairie Creek Redwoods SP and the Redwoods National Park, today I have photos of Humboldt Redwoods SP. This one seems slightly less famous than the others, but it is every bit as gorgeous–if not even moreso, because it was so especially green. It was really hard to pick just five photos to feature here, so be sure to check out the entire photo album. The trails we went on were the Grieg-French-Bell Grove Trail, Homestead Trail and Big Tree Loop, Big Tree Area and Founder’s Grove Nature Loop. (more…)

Prairie Creek Redwoods SP & Redwoods NP

Banana slug, Prairie Creek Trail, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

My apologies for disappearing for two weeks with no explanation. Many things have happened in the past few weeks, or 2-3 months actually, some very good and one very bad, and the very bad thing is ongoing and may continue to affect my posting here (to say the least of what it will affect). One of the very good things, though, is that The BF has become The Fiancee! He proposed in Fern Canyon (see next photo, although that’s not the exact spot he did it) in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. These photos represent a third of the photos from that trip, and also include a few photos of the nearby Redwoods National Park and the Requa Inn, a B&B there. As always, click on any photo to be taken to the entire photo album. Next up will be the other photos from that trip: Humboldt Redwoods and Patrick’s Point State Park. Enjoy! ~The TSC (more…)