Tom Kha Gai

We’re having a thai food bonanza over here, and this was tonight’s meal: Vegan tom kha gai (you know, that coconut milk broth soup that always has a million mushrooms floating in it?), using the recipe [here] of Megan over at TheseThingsILove. (Credit also goes to my BFF, for showing me the recipe.) I cannot believe how good the broth tasted and smelled even before we had all the ingredients in. (more…)


Mint Pea Soup

Pea soup had always grossed me out when I was a kid, and adding mint to it (as much as I love mint) seemed strange, but somehow this “pea and mint soup with prosciutto,” from Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food, really works! (And it’s easily made vegetarian.) It’s a great way to use up mint when you have multiple mint plants and can only make so much tea and so many mojitos, and goes great with sandwiches.

Before I get into the recipe, (more…)