Balboa Park

The BF and I were in San Diego to see his friends and fit in a quick visit to Balboa Park. Click here for the rest of the photos, many of which are of the botanical garden. (more…)



Continuing with the photos associated with my 2008 trip through the Baltics, today’s album features Riga.  Mostly all I did there was take the two long walking tours laid out in my tourist pamphlet—and, thanks to Riga’s incredible architecture, this might just be the best thing that a person *can* do there! Every building there cried to be admired.

Tongva Park (Santa Monica)

We were VERY impressed with this brand new, colorful park (Tongva Park) in Santa Monica, California, which we stumbled across without having heard anything about its construction. Check out the rest of my photos of it, or read it about it on wikipedia or yelp. Extra kudos to the city for making the entire park smoke-free! Photos taken in April 2014.