Miami Reunion

Got together with the family (four generations) in Miami to celebrate Easter and my dad’s birthday. Click here (especially if you like birds/lizards) to see the entire album. The above photo is of Matheson Hammock Park beach. (more…)


Safari Edventure

I was in Miami visiting family again, and convinced everyone to head to Safari Edventure animal rehabilitation center—“for the kids,” of course. This is a great place that lets you touch a sloth, feed a kangaroo popcorn, play with wolves, and more. And they currently have a baby sloth! Click here to see the full photo album. (more…)

Miami: Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Today’s photo album showcases my photos of the Gold Coast Railroad Museum, in Miami Florida.

Why I went there:

Back in the sixties, my little grandma (by herself, which was a big deal then; she was happily married to my grandpa but he stayed behind to work) took my dad and aunt on the Zephyr, the train that runs from Chicago to Oakland, so they could do a family vacation in California. It was before the internet, so she planned and booked it all my phone and by mail. The trains on the Zephyr line were really cool, and really ahead of their time: Passenger sleeper compartments had toilets right in the room, and the fanciest room even had a shower! And best of all was the dome room, so you could see the beautiful mountains and other things over the two and a half day trip across the country.

My grandma lives in Miami now, with my aunt and uncle, and the Miami Gold Coast Railroad Museum has one of the trains from the Zephyr line. The particular train they have is called the Silver Crescent, built in 1948, and is the only surviving one with all the original stuff. It was so cool, like being in an enormous fifties car. I went with my aunt and later my dad and her took my grandma to it so they could all have a nostalgia-fest.  (more…)

Miami(ish): “Safari Edventure” in Homestead

I am so so so glad my cousin & his girlfriend told me about Safari Edventure, where you get to pet all different kinds of rescued animals–AND that they were willing to drive me there through terrible Miami traffic. It was like a giant squeal-fest for me. I TOUCHED A SLOTH! At that moment, my life became complete. Check out the album here. Trip was in March 2014. (more…)