Jūrmala (Majori & Dubulti)

As Lonely Planet explains it, “Jūrmala (pronounced yoor-muh-lah) is a long string of townships with Prussian-style villas, each unique in shape and decor,” and is “the Baltic’s version of the French Riviera”. In other words, it’s a beach resort area (near Riga). Click here for my photos of it! The two main touristy towns are Majori and Dzintari, but my photos are of Majori & Dubulti (I’ll explain why in a second). (more…)


*Next* Time…


Please accept my apologies–and these two photos, as a preview of what’s to come–for not yet having the full album of photos of Gauja National Park / Sigulda (Latvia) ready just yet! I will have it ready for the next travel post.