Saaremaa: Kuressaare & More

Saaremaa is an island, part of Estonia, that you take a ferry to get to. The only real city on it is Kuressaare, the island’s capital, which is where most of the photos in today’s album are from. I also took a bus to the village of Kaali there, to see meteor craters, and a bus ride around the Sõrve peninsula. I only spent from 2am to 3.30pm on Saaremaa but I enjoyed it all immensely—especially in the eerily beautiful early morning fog. (more…)


Pärnu, Estonia

I actually hadn’t considered Pärnu [official city website | wikipedia] a must-see, since it was “just a beach resort/tourist town” that I thought I wouldn’t care for. I wound up stopping by though (I spent from about 6pm to midnight there), and I really liked it! I already had a soft spot for small towns, and it had some unique architecture, so I had a pleasant time strolling around. You can view the rest of my photos of Pärnu here. Photos taken in June 2008, during my trip through the Baltics. (more…)