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Back in 2014, I finally got a chance to make kolaches (or kolackys, or kolachy, etc.; depends what Eastern European country and language you’re talking about). I first learned about them from my mom making them when I kid, and it’s been on my “learn to cook this” list ever since I got really into cooking. (more…)


Green Tomato Pie

Today’s post is a special one, because it’s something I made with my uncle in Miami, who said it’s something his mom used to make him: Green Tomato Pie, which looks and tastes like apple pie. except it’s tomatoes! I’d never heard of it but was excited to try it. He doesn’t have her exact recipe but said this one (which he’s used successfully before) comes pretty close, so that’s what we used. (more…)

Crème Brûlée

I’d always considered this crème brûlée—that I made back in 2010—a failure. I don’t have a kitchen torch so I caramelized sugar separately and drizzled it on, and my oven didn’t heat well so it was in there for four times as long as the recipe called for… Looking back, though, I think I was being too hard on myself! I recall this tasting rather good, and I’d like to give it another try now that I have a different oven.

I hear that if you don’t have a torch you can use your broiler instead (though it’s less awesome). Or does one of you know a better hack for dealing with the lack of a torch? If so, let me know in the comments, please! I would gladly take a recipe recommendation, too.

Grilled Pineapple + Mint-infused Syrup + Coconut


Grilled pineapple with mint-infused syrup and topped with (unsweetened, since the syrup is already sugary) coconut flakes. Dessert for the BF and I. They say to eat it chilled but warm pineapple is incredible so I preferred it freshly grilled. It was good chilled, too, though.

The recipe is from Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food, a cookbook I highly recommend. We’ve made many of the recipes in it and they truly are quick and simple (yet fancy and delicious).