Ape Caves, WA

Today I’d like to tell the story of how a substitution of “a” for “the” caused us a lot of hassle and frustration in a cave. Specifically, the story is about the Ape Cave. This is a lava tube cave in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, right near Mt. St. Helen in Washington State. [Click here for the entire album]. Once you’re in this cave, you can go leftward a bit for an easy stroll, or rightward 1.4 miles through difficult terrain (big piles of boulders, rope up a  wall, etc.) to a ladder. That’s your reward: You climb out and stroll back through the forest rather than re-doing the lava tube. (more…)

Sigulda / Gauja Nat’l Park

Sigulda is a town that serves as the gateway to the “Switzerland of Latvia”: Gauja National Park [official website], a beautiful, castle-filled place. Also, caves and cable cars across rivers. Click here to see my photos. You can read about Gauja here, learn more here, and read reviews at Tripadvisor. (more…)

Indiana: Paoli, Lick Creek Cemetery, Marengo Cave

Today I’m sharing the photos from a brief trip, in summer of 2004, back to the “homeland”: Paoli, Indiana (and nearby), the source of all those Chicago-land Lindley folk. Of course we talked genealogy a lot and geeked out at cemeteries (it’s a Lindley thing). The other draw is the cave(s)…