Boston: This & That #3

Today’s album features Boston‘s Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, the Charleston Bridge, & more. Click here for the 55 photos, or scroll down for just the highlights. This wraps up the (more…)

Boston: This & That #2

This album from my trip to Boston (2012) features the Botanical Gardens, Bunker Hill, the shipyard (with Old Ironsides) & the waterfront. Check out all 57 photos here, or scroll down for just the highlights. (more…)

Boston: This & That #1

This is another of the five photo albums that my Sep. 2012 trip to Boston, for a wedding, resulted in. This one includes photos of two famous burying grounds, Granary Burying Ground [yelp | wikipedia] and King’s Chapel Burying Ground [yelp | wikipedia], the historic Kendall Hotel‘s [yelp] elegant upper-level surprise (a beautiful solarium, open to all of the guests), and lots of photos from just wandering around on foot.

The other Boston album I’ve posted: Whale-Watching