Clear Lake, Oregon

Clear Lake is a clear (hence the name), deep (100 feet), and cold lake in Oregon fed mainly by water that filters into it via underground caverns. It was formed by volcanic activity 3,000 years ago and the trees that were killed during this process are still visible, petrified, at the bottom of the lake. Click here for more photos. (more…)


CCI: Southern Crested Screamer

This pair of Southern Crested Screamers (mates, I assume) was drinking water together at the Sacramento zoo, and showing off their cute bird butts every time they dipped down. Southern Crested Screamers look like this (kind of a goose-vulture), sound like this, and have bony spurs on their wings, for fighting! Photo taken November 13, 2015.

Russian River & Goat Rock

Went on a three-night (BF’s) family vacation at the Russian River. We rented a gorgeous house from and lounged about, took turns making dinner, played in the river and used the hosts’ kayaks, strolled through the Armstrong redwoods, and visited Goat Rock State Beach. Almost every photo in the album is either of wildlife spotted on the kayak trip or of Goat Rock. Enjoy! (more…)

Yosemite 2014: Vernal Falls, Cuties & Cairns

We went to Yosemite for the second time in August of 2014. The new thing for us this time was hiking up to Vernal Falls, which is actually quite difficult (but that’s all just the START of the hike all the way up to Half Dome). Vernal Falls was flowing pretty weakly, so there was no mist on the “Mist Trail”, but it made for a gorgeous rainbow. If you like what you see above and below, check out the rest of the photos on SmugMug. (more…)

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

I couldn’t believe, given the drought in California, that this place had water! (Date of trip: April 2015). The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (near Davis and Sacramento) must be heaven for bird-watchers… We saw so many different kinds of birds that I had to google afterwards. Ones I have photos of and identified: Great Blue Heron, some sharp-tailed sandpipers, lots of American Coots, some American Avocets, a white-faced ibis (in breeding colors) (less sure about this one), and more! So check out the album to see these cuties, and the gorgeous landscape. (more…)