Chicago Botanic Garden

I can’t believe I only went here — the 385 acre Chicago Botanic Garden — one time. It has a rose garden, a Japanese garden, and MUCH  more. You can see its wikipedia page for a good overview. If you’re in the area, you need to go! (more…)


Ape Caves, WA

Today I’d like to tell the story of how a substitution of “a” for “the” caused us a lot of hassle and frustration in a cave. Specifically, the story is about the Ape Cave. This is a lava tube cave in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, right near Mt. St. Helen in Washington State. [Click here for the entire album]. Once you’re in this cave, you can go leftward a bit for an easy stroll, or rightward 1.4 miles through difficult terrain (big piles of boulders, rope up a  wall, etc.) to a ladder. That’s your reward: You climb out and stroll back through the forest rather than re-doing the lava tube. (more…)

Safari Edventure

I was in Miami visiting family again, and convinced everyone to head to Safari Edventure animal rehabilitation center—“for the kids,” of course. This is a great place that lets you touch a sloth, feed a kangaroo popcorn, play with wolves, and more. And they currently have a baby sloth! Click here to see the full photo album. (more…)

Cumin-turmeric-garlic hashed browns

One day we made too much of the cumin-turmeric-garlic mix for the tofu-kale scramble (recipe of Jenny Sugar over at Popsugar) and it turned out to be a good thing: This should not be much of a surprise, since the original recipe involves (sweet) potatoes, after all, but this stuff is great as seasoning for hashed browns with any sort of potato. The other things in this breakfast are zucchini (fried in a little olive oil and with black pepper), a tomato, and an English muffin with pumpkin spice flavored cream cheese. (more…)