For reasons I will not bore the public with, I’ve had to temporarily semi-close this site. I hope to have the images up again some time in the next year. -TSC


Bell pepper & zucchini

I’m back! With a tasty breakfast side to share, that I’ve been enjoying (in various permutation) for about a month now: Chop bell pepper (red or yellow) & zucchini into cubes. (And squash! I always use squash now too.) Go with whatever ratio and amount you like. Cook in a pan for a few minutes in a little olive or canola oil. Add salt & black pepper at some point. This is delicious AND bright and colorful. (more…)

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Here’s the deal: I’ve got something REALLY important (in a good way!) going on, and it requires my full attention, so I will be taking a brief hiatus (“brief” as in missing only 3 or 4 posts, max, I hope). Thank you for understanding. And don’t forget that you can also check me out on Twitter (@TravSqrlChef).

Portland Rose Garden

The International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon, is 100% free to the public, and stunning. It’s just shy of 100 years old (est. 1917) and is home to over 7,000 rose plants. It is literally where they test the color, fragrance, and other aspects of roses that are sent to them from all over the world. (Bonus: This is all smack-dab next to the Japanese Garden, so, if you appreciate pretty plants and landscaping, prepare to flip out.) Check out the rest of the rose photos here. (more…)

TSC is on Twitter

Hi everyone, quick announcement: I have joined the world of Twitter (and foolishly forgot to mention this in a post, although I added it to the “Follow” page.) I share the latest blog posts there, naturally, but also individual photos, including some that I haven’t shared anywhere else on the internet. If you’d like to check me out, I’m @TravlSqrlChef.


Okay, now back to the regularly scheduled (Tuesdays & Fridays, 6PM PST) posts.

CCI: Bald Squirrel

For Christmas, I give you… a bald squirrel. This odd-but-cute critter was on the diag at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. While I was looking at him, a lady walked by. She stopped, squatted to get a closer look at him, said to nobody in particular “Oh! My! That is the UGLIEST thing!” And then she left. I felt bad for the little thing, so I gave it a major photo-shoot. All photos [see the rest here]  taken in April of 2006. (more…)

Toketee Falls

Both times we’ve gone to Oregon/Washington (2014 & 2015), we started off the trip with a day that involved Crater Lake (2014 Crater Lake post) & then a cheese-and-bread picnic at Toketee Falls, with delicious, super-strong blue cheese picked up at the Rogue Creamery in Medford. I heartily recommend all three things: The lake, the falls, and the cheese!

Click here or on one of the photos for the 2014 Toketee album. (The 2015 photos were just more of the same, so they’re not posted.)  (more…)