cute creature interlude


Today is a “cute creature interlude”: a local nuthatch who is completely unaware of how cute he is. Look at him. He has no clue. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have already seen this, but I thought he was so cute that he* merited his own post.

*Or she? Can anyone tell me the gender?


Squirrel Lookout

There’s this scenic overlook between LA and San Diego, accessible when you’re going south, and it is FULL OF GROUND SQUIRRELS. We just (May 9th) saw a ton of squirrels there. And I have to note that we were good citizens and did NOT feed them (this time; I’m ashamed to admit that that wasn’t the case the first time we saw them). They’re so tame from all the feeding that you can get great photos of them without contributing to the problem. Click here for all the rest of the photos. (more…)

CCI: Iguana (and announcement)

It’s a “cute creature interlude”: Enjoy this Fiji Island Banded Iguana (brachylophus bulabula), a resident of the Sacramento Zoo. (You can access fact sheets about all their reptiles here.) Photo taken November, 2015.

I also have an announcement about the blog:

When I started TSC, I ignored the basic blogging advice “Don’t post frequently while your blog is new” (since you don’t have readers yet, and are thus “wasting” your content). I had so many photos that I was eager to share that, for a while, I posted daily. Then I switched to every other day, but that’s still pretty often. It also means that there aren’t set days of the week that I post. So… from now on, new TSC posts will appear twice a week, Tuesdays & Fridays. (I’m also seeing what happens if I post in the evenings, 6pm PCT/9pm EST.) I hope this works well for everyone! – Traveling Squirrel Chef



Cute Creature Interlude: Koi

This photo of koi (location: a garden supply store somewhere in the southwest suburbs of Chicago) dates back to when I was just getting started with photography, using my first digital camera (a Toshiba PDR-M25 or something very much like it, if you’re curious; I definitely remember it taking four AA batteries, and its tiny screen). Unfortunately, this means that only one of the many koi photos I took that day are anywhere near worthy of sharing with the world at large. The light-gold fish was the coolest, and huge!