[agh, this was supposed to post last night, but something went wrong! here it is now]

Back in 2014, I finally got a chance to make kolaches (or kolackys, or kolachy, etc.; depends what Eastern European country and language you’re talking about). I first learned about them from my mom making them when I kid, and it’s been on my “learn to cook this” list ever since I got really into cooking.

I used this recipe, which is kind of cheating. The real deal is supposed to involve yeast and be a bit more complicated. I have no shame though. This recipe worked perfectly on the first try, and tasted great, so I’m not gonna be a purist.

The “being honest” photo: This is the entire batch, including the not-pretty ones that of course I didn’t chose for the close-up photos.

The filler I used was the apple stuff from the recipe, and then some lemon thing I had bought in a jar. Both were good, in different ways, so I can’t really recommend one more than the other.


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