On Dried Beans

Who knew beans soaking in water could be so attractive?

I’ve known for a long time that dried beans are cheaper than canned, so I finally bought a bag each of black beans (pictured) and kidney beans. Honestly, I felt it was more hassle than it was worth, though I can see doing it if you’re truly counting every penny. The soaking is a pain (I know there’s a “quick soak” option but it’s only “quick” relative to an 8-10 hr soak). I didn’t know how long to cook them (the bags said things like “1-2 hrs”) and then I accidentally seriously overcooked both batches due to not hearing my timer go off, so they were mushy. And then, since I had cooked a big batch (to be efficient), I wound up with four big ziplock bags of beans taking up valuable freezer space. And then, when I finally used them, I had to defrost them!

So this didn’t really work out for me. Maybe I’ll try again some time but it’s hard to want to bother when canned beans are already so cheap. Our time is valuable too, after all, and worth money, in a sense… Right? Or maybe I’m just being lazy. Happy to hear other opinions on this. Do you buy canned beans or dried beans in bulk?


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