Safari Edventure

I was in Miami visiting family again, and convinced everyone to head to Safari Edventure animal rehabilitation center—“for the kids,” of course. This is a great place that lets you touch a sloth, feed a kangaroo popcorn, play with wolves, and more. And they currently have a baby sloth! Click here to see the full photo album.

The sad news, though, is that Safari Edventure’s land (several acres, filled with the animals and also lots of fruits and veggies that they grow) has been put up for sale. Scared of all these animals’ losing their home, the people running the place are trying to raise the money to buy the property themselves. If you’d like to offer financial support for this endeavor, you can do so here. Or, if you’re in the area, you can support them by paying them a visit, and bringing some friends!


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