TSC’s Kale-Cranberry Salad

Today I’ve actually got one of my own recipes for you: A very dark green, healthy salad with glazed nuts and cranberries in there so you don’t feel TOO healthy. I came up with this rather fortuitously one night when I thought I had “nothing to eat” and it was a great discovery. Since then, I’ve purchased dried cranberries for future salads. Recipe is below, and you should adjust as you wish.



  • Finely chopped kale
  • Finely chopped (or thinly sliced strips of) purple onion
  • Broccoli cut up into small bits
  • Slices of red bell pepper.
  • Glazed/candied almonds* (you can go plain, too, but I really think that this salad is otherwise so healthy and not-sweet that you should do candied)
  • Cranberries*

*In my case, I used a little package of Sahale Snacks brand Glazed Nuts: Almonds with cranberries, honey + sea salt. I had bought it as an impulse buy at the discount grocery place and am so glad that I did, since it inspired this whole salad!


I don’t perfectly recall what was in the dressing (pictured below) or what amounts, but the goal was to make it something sweet, to cancel out the bitterness of the kale and other salad ingredients. I know it had olive oil, red wine vinegar (hence the pinkness), salt & black pepper, and some lemon juice, but what I can’t remember is whether or not it also had honey (since I had just made some honey-dijon dressing and it was on my mind), or if it was just sugar for sweetness. But I think it had honey.


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