Bell pepper & zucchini

I’m back! With a tasty breakfast side to share, that I’ve been enjoying (in various permutation) for about a month now: Chop bell pepper (red or yellow) & zucchini into cubes. (And squash! I always use squash now too.) Go with whatever ratio and amount you like. Cook in a pan for a few minutes in a little olive or canola oil. Add salt & black pepper at some point. This is delicious AND bright and colorful.

It’s very simple to make, but I do have some tips—all about the same thing, avoiding sogginess and/or overcooking: (1) Be MINIMAL with the oil! (It’ll seem like it’s not enough, but then… it is. So don’t worry.) (2) Don’t make the pieces too tiny. Think 3/4 inch cubes, not half inch, which is too small. (3) If they’re perfect, remove them from the heat! Don’t let them sit while other things finish cooking. (4) You might want to put the bell pepper in slightly later than the zucchini.

This is so good when it’s cooked just long enough that the smells and flavors start blooming. The bell pepper should still almost have a slight crunch to it, and nothing should feel wet. It may take a few times to get the heat & cooking time perfect.



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