Jalapeno + Goat Cheese Curd Eggs

When we accidentally bought 4 oz. of goat cheese curds instead of feta (for salad), we weren’t sure what to do with them. The BF dislikes goat cheese and while I like it just fine I didn’t have that much salad to use it on. Fortunately, the BF suggested that it might, because it was soft and crumbly like panela cheese and cotija, go as well as they do with jalapenos. That was a great idea, and for several breakfasts in a row I got to have these delicious scrambled eggs. Instructions are below!

TSCs Jalapeno + Goat Cheese Curd Eggs

  1. Beat the egg(s), mix as much cheese in as you want and then stir it all some more.
  2. Pre-fry minced jalapeno (I de-seeded, I think) in a pan with oil/butter until the good smell starts to come out.
  3. Pour in the eggs, gently fold in the jalapeno, and cook them like normal scrambled eggs. (Tip: Make sure the heat on the pan isn’t too high! You want the eggs to cook slowly, so the cheese can really melt into them.)
  4. Optional: Add ground black pepper and/or salt, either while cooking the eggs or after.



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