Oneonta Gorge

If you’re down for more than the drive-up waterfalls Multnomah & Horsetail, another thing right in the area is Oneonta Gorge. [Full photo album is here.] Hike through this green little heaven (bring watershoes, and the water is COLD, so be prepared) a mere 0.3 miles and there’s a little waterfall at the end. But even if you don’t want to get wet at all, you should be able to hike in at least a little bit it, and it’s worth it, trust me.

This first time, I actually didn’t quite go all the way to the waterfall (because the water got steadily deeper until I would have had to swim, basically). The BF did it, but I didn’t feel like getting freezing cold just before an extra-long hike (Eagle Creek, which we did right after). Regardless, it was one of my best hikes ever. First, because it was extra green and pretty. Second, because we had it nearly all to ourselves (especially once we got past the log jam at the start). Third, because we saw so many cool and/or cute animals.

This adorable bird has become one of our favorite animals (though it’s hard to beat marmots). It took us forever to figure out, online, what it was but apparently it’s the American Dipper. It sits on rocks in cold water and BOUNCES (and flashes its white eyelids). No one is sure why, but we like to believe it’s to enhance its cuteness.

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