Tofu Scramble version 2

Since we had all the ingredients, we used the tofu-kale-sweet potato scramble recipe again shortly after the first time–but this time with half the tofu. To be precise: We used 7 oz. of tofu (vs. the 14 called for), two sweet potatoes (one medium/small, one small) (vs. the one small one called for), no onion (The BF’s request),  and about 2.25 c. of chopped kale (instead of the 1 c. called for), and we chopped the kale more finely than before. Like last time (and especially since we had increased the amount of kale and sweet potatoes), we used quadruple the spices except salt, which we kept the same.

We both preferred this less-tofu version to the previous version—even though that somewhat defeats our purpose, which was finding a breakfast scramble that would also give The BF, who is vegetarian and hates eggs, plenty of protein!


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