CCI: Iguana (and announcement)

It’s a “cute creature interlude”: Enjoy this Fiji Island Banded Iguana (brachylophus bulabula), a resident of the Sacramento Zoo. (You can access fact sheets about all their reptiles here.) Photo taken November, 2015.

I also have an announcement about the blog:

When I started TSC, I ignored the basic blogging advice “Don’t post frequently while your blog is new” (since you don’t have readers yet, and are thus “wasting” your content). I had so many photos that I was eager to share that, for a while, I posted daily. Then I switched to every other day, but that’s still pretty often. It also means that there aren’t set days of the week that I post. So… from now on, new TSC posts will appear twice a week, Tuesdays & Fridays. (I’m also seeing what happens if I post in the evenings, 6pm PCT/9pm EST.) I hope this works well for everyone! – Traveling Squirrel Chef




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